Accept online bookings
from any channel in 3 simple steps

Step 1
Set Operating Hours

Create a smart Calendar - Online Booking Page displaying the available days and hours for appointments.

Set a unique calendar for each operating location.
online calendar for appointments setting operating hours
online calendar for appointments setting visit duration

Step 2
Duration & Concurrent Visits

Defile how many visitors you can serve simultaneously and the time needed for each one. Set in the CalendApp:

  1. The maximum number of concurrent appointments.
  2. The appointment duration.

Step 3
Share your Booking Page URL in any channel

CalendApp creates a Booking Page URL for your Online Calendar. Simply share it in all your online channels and accept bookings from everywhere.

: Add an “Online Booking” Button to your main website, so visitors can self-schedule their appointment with 1 click.

Social Media: Add a “Βοοκ Now” option to your Facebook and Instagram posts by sharing your Booking URL. Now you can get comments, likes and bookings.

SMS/Viber: Send your Online Calendar straight to your customers' mobile phones and make booking super fast.
online appointment system with Booking Page URL

Connect with your audience on their favorite communication channels

Clients self-book in 2 steps, 24/7

CalendApp enables you to accept bookings at any time, even if your business is closed. Forget back and forth emails and calls, now your customers can self-schedule their appointment in the precise time of their choosing in just a few seconds.

Step 1

The customer picks the day, time and location for his appointment. Optionally, he can also select service/product.

Then, he fills out: First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number and optionally a comment and submits the booking form.
online booking system with mobile number verification
online calendar for self-scheduling appointments

Step 2

As soon as the client submits the form, he receives a 4digit verification code - PIN via SMS in order to validate his mobile number.

After successfully entering the PIN, the appointment is booked and a pop up window displays all the booking details.

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