Elevate customer support with Viber Calls

Allow your customers to call you instantly and for free, with just 1 click, directly from the Viber app.

Bring them even closer by allowing them to choose a communication channel, chat or voice call, each time they wish to contact you.


What are Viber Business Calls?

Viber Business Calls is the latest service of Viber aiming to help businesses like yours to improve customer relations by providing an easy, direct and free communication option via voice call.

1 Click

Select a 5 digit number of your choice or take a random number, that will appear as an icon in your Viber Business Account page.

Customers and prospects click the icon and connect with your contact center in seconds without any charge. The cost of the call is assigned to you.
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Start today with Viber Calls

Why choose Viber Business Calls?

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You eliminate all charges for anyone interested in calling you.
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2 Communication

Users can select depending on the nature and purpose of their request the appropriate communication channel, chat or voice call.
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The users don’t have to exit the Viber app and look for your contact details, instead they instantly connect with you with just 1 click.
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Faster Resolution

With voice calls, your customers can explain better and more accurately their request, so agents can provide the appropriate solution faster.

The Advantages of Viber Business Calls

Fixed and low charge per minute for you - completely free of charge for customers
Elevated customer support with faster resolution times
More opportunities for upsell and cross-sell during the conversations.

Viber Business Calls require you having an active official Viber Business Account.

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