Discover the benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS a Must Have Marketing Channel for every Business

Provides valuable solutions to many business operations

Provides valuable solutions to many business operations

It has indeed low cost

It has indeed low cost

It enhances all the different marketing channels ideally

It enhances all the different marketing channels ideally

Connect with your audience on their favorite communication channels

Direct - Easy - Effective

In marketing, timing is one of the most critical factors. SMS campaigns do not require any preparation time, they are implemented in minutes and the messages are read within seconds.

SMS connects you near-instantly and with precision to your target audience every time.


Guaranteed Results

SMS presents the highest Open Rate among all marketing channels, while recipients’ response reaches 40%.

With each SMS campaign you can be sure that 9 out of 10 recipients will read your message and at least half of them will click the link.

Low Cost - Fast Sales

The necessary budget for the implementation of an SMS Marketing Campaign is considerably lower in comparison to the required budget for Social Media and Google Advertising.

The results are much more immediate. Facebook campaigns need on average about a month in order to bring results, on the contrary with SMS you’ll see results from the first hours.


Better Customer Support

98% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes. This fact combined with the high security standards make SMS the perfect solution for urgent or critical notifications, communication of important reminders and sensitive information.

Keep your customers informed and provide contextual support in seconds.

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9 out of 10 consumers read SMS messages within 3 minutes
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