Optin - Calculators

Use Cases

Check some interesting examples of Calculators in action

Pricing Calculator

The most fundamental calculator that can be very handy if your pricing is complex or if you offer customizable products. Users take advantage of the calculator in order to receive a specific customized price depending on their needs.

Loan Calculators

These types of calculators are the meeting point between you and your potential customers. By using the calculator, customers can obtain a first overview of the amount they can loan and the related interest, while you collect valuable data for them.

Insurance Calculators

These specific calculators can have varied uses as they serve many different insurance types such as: life insurance, health insurance, car insurance etc. Depending on the sector you are in, an insurance calculator can become a great lead magnet.

Budget Calculators

There are services with complex and difficult to estimate pricing like the organization of events. If you are in this sector you know firsthand how time-consuming the cost estimation can be. Budget calculators are here to solve this problem and make you stand out of the competition.

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