SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Campaigns

Connect with all your clients in just a few seconds, grow your sales and create a very loyal customer base with Bulk SMS campaigns.

90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes. Start SMS Marketing today and skyrocket your campaigns’ performance.
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6 SMS Types to achieve any goal

Simple SMS

SMS with a maximum limit of 160 characters.
It supports the Greek and Latin alphabets, numbers and specific symbols.
Simple SMS Promotional message
Personalized SMS marketing message

Personalized SMS

Messages with personalized content for each recipient. 6 unique personalization fields enable the customization of each message to reflect its recipient’s profile.

SMS with Landing Page

SMS campaigns with unique short links that drive to customized landing pages. Enrich your SMS messages with rich, interactive content, images, videos and social media.
Rich SMS with short URL to landing page

Connect with your audience on their favorite communication channels

Long SMS promotional message

Long SMS

Messages with more than 160 characters in length. They consist of 2 - 3 or more concatenated simple SMS.

Flash SMS

Messages that draw attention, as they appear on the recipients’ screen, without users having to open them.
Flash SMS with discount coupon
Unicode SMS showing a sign-up code

Unicode SMS

Messages that support any language and a maximum limit of 70 characters per message.

Connect with your audience on their favorite communication channels

Powerful features
to skyrocket your marketing performance

Personalized Content

Personalized Content

Utilize your buyer personas data through 6 dynamic fields. Create unique messages for each recipient.
Branded Sender ID

Sender ID

Showcase your brand on the Sender ID using up to 11 Latin characters.
SMS Templates


Create templates for frequently sent messages and make your next campaigns a matter of seconds.
Interactive Content

Interactive Content

Include in every SMS a Landing Page to add rich content: images, videos and unlimited information.
GDPR Campaigns


Use our opt-in mechanism to easily collect the consent of new customers and grow your subscribers lists.
2way SMS


Start 2-way communication with your audience in real time. Learn all about the service here
Recipients Lists


Upload fast and easily your recipients lists to the platform via excel, csv or txt files. There is no limitation on the number of recipients.
Campaigns History


Examine carefully the detailed history of all your campaigns. Advanced stats and performance data help you improve your next campaigns.

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Viber Business

1.1 billion users in more than 193 countries use Viber as their preferred chat app
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SMS Marketing

9 out of 10 consumers read SMS messages within 3 minutes
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Landing Pages

Interactive and personalized content for engaging campaigns
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Your clients self schedule online appointments via your own booking page URL