What is the difference between 2way and Session Viber Sender ID?

Both types of Viber Sender IDs allow two-way communication with your customers. The main difference is in the way that messages are charged. It is important to remember that in both cases your customers are not charged for the messages they send.

2way charges apply as follows:

For every message you send to a customer you are charged according to the contract you have signed.

Session charges apply as follows:

If you send a session message, then this is charged as a regular 2way message. If the end user replies to this, then the charge for the first message you sent is automatically charged as a session. In more detail, we charge the original message and if it turns into a session message then we charge the difference. For as long as a session is active, the messages sent by the company are not charged.

Sessions have the following restrictions:

  • The max duration of a session is 24 hours
  • You can send up to 60 messages during a session
  • You can send up to 5 consecutive messages without the end user responding

In any other case a new session starts.