Release v.66

Video – New Viber Message Type

From now on, Octapush supports the sending of Viber messages that contain video content. Through your Viber Business Account, you can send videos with a maximum size of 200MB and of the following formats: 3gp, m4v, mov, mp4.

There are 3 different types of Viber Video Messages:

  • Video only
  • Video + Text
  • Video + Text + CTA Button

This new feature will enable you to send more engaging, creative and useful content to your subscribers. You may use video messages to showcase new products, highlight product features, provide instructions etc.

CalendApp – Extra Fields in Contact Form

The booking form of CalendApp apart from the 4 standard fields: Name, Surname, Mobile, Comments, now supports up to 20 extra fields with dynamic labeling. Depending on your needs and the data you wish to collect, you can add to your booking form fields such as:

  • Email
  • Father’s Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Passport Number
  • ID

Now with CalendApp’s new fields you are in the position to create complete customer profiles and capture necessary and useful information for each client.

New Pack of Emojis

We enriched the available emojis you can use in your Viber campaigns with the latest pack. Use the new emojis to add a more friendly and fun tone to your campaigns.